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Website Designer

Building and maintaining beautiful websites,to turn the ideas into reality

Immigration Consultant

Helps my clients in migration from one country to another and job assisstence


Contact Saloni Mahajan- 9643946303/ 8587915453

Other Expertise

I am a digital marketer and website designer, by profession. I am a freelancer, who took many projects, got 8 certifications in digital marketing. I am Google and ISO certified from Delhi Institute Of Computer Courses. I am working as a website designer since 2017, post graduate in marketing and public relations, done Advance diploma in multimedia from arena aptech. Search in GOOGLE, My company is google registered company- DIGITALWEBHOME, I served many companies. I can take pojects and forward you quotation for online business services i.e. SEO, SMO, PPC or website designs for your company. I am a PRO- Public Relation Officer, who deal with many people for there Career prospects. You can visit my homepage I have taken many projects; you can see all my projects in I help people for Work Abroad and can give assistance to people who want to take PR(Permanent residency), work permits and study visa and want to settle abroad, as I am associated with best immigration companies who can give you all the pre-landing & post-landing services ,for further information can visit website Digitalwebhome is meant to listen your demand and create a website that looks Amazing!! For Further Details Contact Website Designer And Start working on your business. Contact for any further information SALONI MAHAJAN -9643946303 / 8587915453

Search Engine Optimization

You have a beautiful website, but where are all the visitors? SEO is still a mystery to many, but I have the skills to rank higher your site on search engines

The Technologies

A modern websites can take advantage of slick technologies like jQuery that enable freelance web designers (like me) to do cool things on websites that were unheard of a few years ago

Importance of Website

Having a website and online presence strategy allows you to market your business online.I have creative eye which can help you to achieve your business goal.After understanding your requirements and business needs,I can design a website specifically to achieve your goals.A website is also important because it helps you establish credibility of the business

Top notch security of Websites

websites are compromised because they still use outdated software that is unsecured. Hacking in the modern world is automated. Frequent updates, Passwords, Backups are important. Tight security also gives your visitors the confidence they need to freely use your websites

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Amazing Portfolio of Web Designer

I help you to create an online presence and create strategic awareness for your business through Interactive Web Design. I have creative eye which can help you to achieve your business goal, After understanding your requirements and business needs, I can design a website specifically to achieve your business.Next I reimagine your brand’s visual design in the digital medium, help you write the key messages to attract and motivate key audiences to engage with the organization

Sail Away Your Worries

Here’s what you can get with a website from freelance web designer. Modern, affordable, securely hosted, backed up, with email, perhaps a shop… what more do you need?. The actual content of your website will make a huge contribution to how you rank in Google’s search engines

All-star support

Starting at the beginning, I’ll ask a number of questions. These will help me develop a picture of what you need and understand your goals, your audience, your budget.I can create your website using your photos and artwork, or photos I take and graphics I design, or source.I’ll then put your website in we-transfer & will forward you and your company.I can provide reliable hosting & Suitable domain name of your choice for your website – your very own bit of the world wide web

Fully Integrated service

I offer a full range of custom website design and development solutions. From small business websites to large e-commerce sites, I can create a website to suit your budget and your goals. Your website will be beautiful to look at, a pleasure to use and easy to manage.I offer our clients a completely unique web design solution, which fits their professional personality and puts their company’s needs first

About Digitalwebhome

I believe in designing beautiful wordpress websites and mobile friendly template websites that looks attractive & amazing. Design websites of your dreams

My own webDigitalwebhome

Various Projects Done

Designed various Websites & done content writing, Graphic Designing, Logo Designing & business cards,etc etc

Projects Done Salonifreelancer

SEO & SMO- To optimize their websites for search engines,to increase their visibility in organic search engine results. This practise promotes your company and your content on social media channels to increase brand awareness, Drive traffic, and generate leads for your business. The channels where your business will be visible.

Websites Designed-,,,,,,,,,, and many more etc etc

My latest web Wokchop

Can Take New Projects - AM I GOOD FIT FOR YOU? Contact me today for information & pricing about Web Design, Digital Marketing, E-commerce web development and SEO Marketing. Kindly contact me and I will set up a friendly conversation in order to understand your project requirements

Explore the World

Migrate from one country to another country, and get all services from DIGITALWEBHOME

  • About Immigration
  • About My Career

  • July 2010 My Humble Beginnings

    Beginning of my career

  • January 2011 Startup

    I give guidance for a field such as engineering, management, hospitality, computers, immigration etc.,I am expert in the concerned domain,depending upon the organization.The Career Counselling process is based on a relationship of trust and confidence between the counsellor and student.Actually I do this evaluation to suggest the best career options from all the available and relevant options

  • December 2012 Immigration Counsellor

    I am Immigration Consultant helps people to emigrate from one country to another country and through legal and documentation process to increase the chances of immigration for study, work, travel or business purpose.I am a legal expert who have knowledge about immigration laws and visa laws and about the procedure of getting different types of visa

  • January 2017 Triumph

    DESIGN WEBSITES ? Digitalwebhome can help you promote your business online with a great looking custom designed website. On-line promotions, leads generation, On-line marketing, Social media optimization, and Designing a website to promote business.Forward your Business Offline to Online Market! Create your Website & Grow your Business sale! Website Start

  • Immigration

    Immigration is the international movement of people into a destination country of which they are not natives or where they do not possess citizenship in order to settle or reside there,especially as permanent residents or naturalized citizens,or to take-up employment as a migrant worker or temporarily for work permit or for study pupose. Immigration is the movement of people from one country to another.The people who move are called immigrants

    Work Abroad

    Immigration Consultant



    Study abroad

    Overseas Study

    I am working as a Immigration consultant & have links in various immigration companies.I advises potential immigrants on matters related to migration.I can handle queries related to immigration and, helps people with the documentation and legality related to the migration process of an business, study, work and personal matters.I can charge you for services and even consult you totally free of cost.I specialize in different domains.I have lot of experience in this field. Visa assessments and approvals depend entirely on the concerned legal authoritative body.I play a vital role in the proper representation of your overseas migration process

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